Keep your vehicle safe with product protection plans

These days when you buy a car or any electrical equipment, you are offered a choice of having an extended warranty that covers a wide range of vehicle parts, which are not covered under the company warranty plan. N most cases, we would deny the option of extended warranty. But is it a good decision? The answer is No!

With these extended warranty plan, you can cover premature component malfunctions and failures, which are normally avoided by company warranty plan. Various car dealers like Alexander Auto offer affordable protection plans to help you save your vehicle.


If you have planned to reject the extended warranty option, please take a look at its benefits:


More than just warranty- The extra protection plans are not only concerned about the cost in additional parts or labor charges, but they aim at providing you a better user experience. If you encounter a car breakdown, it is never a problem unless you have to deal with the inconvenience of pushing your vehicle to the garage. The extra protection plans offer emergency assistance and towing.

With the on-road assistance, you can drive stress free. No matter what happens, you will always have a helping hand.


Service at any authorized mechanic- If you go to a certified mechanic for a car repair, you may be refused if your car is not protected with an extra protection plan. Hence, it is a better option to keep your vehicle protected to enjoy the uninterrupted service and repair work.

Alexander Auto is one of the most reliable and trusted car sellers across the Eastern Ontario. Here at Alexander Auto, we are a team of certified and licensed professionals, helping car buyers purchase good-quality cars at the best prices.

Are you having bad or no credit? No worry, Alexander Auto can help you buy car in every condition. We understand that everyone deserves to drive the vehicle of their dream, and hence we help you get your dream car financed. Along with the great-quality cars, we offer various protection plans for your dream car for damages like mechanical breakdown, fire incident, vehicle theft etc.

Looking for a trusted car dealer? Alexander Auto would be happy to help you.


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